Collapsible laminated box

  • packaging with special appearance
  • durable and protects the product from damage
  • its greatest benefit is collapsibility despite the thickness of the material
  • it is perfect as premium packaging for various products
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Product description

The collapsible rigid box is an exceptional choice in product packaging, because in addition to having the same properties as rigid boxes (durability, quality, appearance); it is collapsible similarly to cardboard boxes and therefore takes up much less space when stored.



A groove cutter machine is used to cut the creasing lines (grooves) to make the outer sides of the box. This way the edges of the box will be beautiful. The cost to make this packaging is higher than that of other laminate boxes because manufacturing requires more manual operations.


Raw material:

The raw material is binder's board, the thickness of which is selected based on the size of the box. For smaller boxes we recommend raw material of 1-1.5 mm thickness, while for larger sizes 2-3 mm is recommended. For the coating we can use traditionally coated paper, but we can enhance the elegance of the box if we use different materials specifically manufactured for laminating.



To protect the print – in the case of coated raw material – we recommend foil. We can make the appearance of the box more special with glossy, matte, or soft foil.
Stamping can provide an exclusive appearance, even when using creative papers. We can also coat the insides of the boxes with printed raw material to harmonize with the outer surfaces.

Our recommendations for using the collapsible laminate box:

  • if you want premium-category packaging for your product
  • if it is important to have durable packaging to protect the product
  • if you are looking for a design that is easy to use
  • if it is important that the packaging can fit in a small place and is collapsible
  • if you want to emphasize the high quality of your product

Advantages of the collapsible laminate box compared to traditional packaging:

  • custom shape that draws attention
  • sturdy box that protects the product from damage
  • durable and collapsible despite thicker raw material
  • perfect solution for packaging a wide variety of premium-category products