Collapsible rigid box

  • packaging with a special design
  • durable, protecting the product against damages
  • collapsible, therefore its shipping and storage are more cost-efficient
  • perfect also for the packaging of premium products
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Product description

The collapsible rigid box is an extremely perfect solution for the packaging of any product, as while it has the properties (durability, top quality look) characteristic of rigid boxes, it is also collapsible similarly to the cardboard boxes, therefore it needs essential less space during storage, and its delivery costs are also lower.



Six basic designs of collapsible rigid box are offered in a wide range of sizes, but custom sizes and structures can be also designed and manufactured. Our production process is fully automated, and even bands used for opening and assembly are mechanically glued into the boxes. The box structures differ from each other both in their closure and their basic materials so that we can offer the broadest spectrum of quality-price ratio to our customers.


Raw material:

The basic material is a binder sheet, the thickness of which is chosen depending on the size of the box. Basic material with a thickness of 1 to 1.5 mm is offered for small boxes, and 2 mm is offered for larger sizes. GC top liner paper can be traditionally used for coating, but the elegance of the box can be increased, if various creative basic materials definitely made for coating are chosen.



To protect the print, foil is recommended for GC top liner basic material. The look of the box can be made more special with bright, dull or soft foil. An exclusive look of the surface can be ensured by means of embossing in the case of creative covering papers. The inside of the boxes can be also coated with printed basic material to harmonize it with the external surfaces.

5 important arguments for offering the collapsible rigid box

  • durable packaging of premium quality
  • fast and precise manufacture with fully automated technologies
  • limited space demand and cost-efficient delivery when collapsed
  • wide range of basic materials to ensure a look required for the product
  • wide range of structures to ensure more favourable prices

What is the benefit of the collapsible rigid box against traditional rigid boxes?

  • in addition to their elegant look and durable design, these boxes are collapsible, making their storage and delivery cost-efficient
  • depending on their structures, they can be multiply collapsed and re-assembled
  • their manufacture does not require manual operations, and therefore they can be efficiently manufactured in a consistent quality
  • their reuse and cost-efficiency increase their values, as these factors have an important role in the sustainability of manufacture