Neck Top bottom box

  • the neck part gives the box an elegant, graceful appearance
  • it offers the best value
  • it protects the product from damage
  • vibrant looks with custom graphics
  • the single-color print lends it a subtly elegant design
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Product description

The design is very similar to that of top bottom boxes. With the traditional top bottom box the bottom and the top are of different sizes. This makes it possible to fit them together. In the case of the neck box, however, the top and the bottom elements are of the same size, which we can slide together with a chipboard neck. This produces a very graceful box and on top of that – not accidentally – you can save on the cost of tools because we only have to make one size instead of two.



This packaging is a lot more cost-effective than the others because of the lower cost of tools resulting from having to manufacture only one box size instead of two (top, bottom). We can fit the identical box elements with a neck (chipboard). The neck size can be larger and smaller, depending on your needs.

Sizes manufactured with machine:
Width: min: 83 mm max: 600 mm
Depth: min: 32 mm max: 400 mm
Height: min: 12 mm max: 210 mm


Raw material:

The raw material is binder's board, the thickness of which is selected based on the size of the box. For smaller boxes we recommend raw material of 1-1.5 mm thickness, while for larger sizes 2-3 mm is recommended. For the coating we can use traditionally coated paper, but we can enhance the elegance of the box if we use different materials that are specifically manufactured for laminating.



Stamping can provide an exclusive appearance, even when using creative papers. We can also coat the insides of the boxes with printed raw material to harmonize with the outer surfaces.

Our recommendations for using the neck top bottom box:

  • if you want eye-catching, custom packaging
  • if you are looking for premium-category packaging of good value
  • if you want a traditional, classic shape
  • if you are looking for an easy-to-use design
  • if you are looking for durable packaging that protects the product from damage

Advantages of the neck top bottom box compared to traditional packaging:

  • much more durable, both in appearance and material
  • radiates quality and thus lends an added sense of quality to the product
  • the nice and smooth exterior surfaces feel fine to the touch
  • we provide a wide range of standard sizes at lower initial costs
  • thanks to the elegant appearance of the boxes, there is no need for complicated graphics