Magnetic with flanged bottom

  • unique, elegant shape that draws attention
  • magnetic closure. We hide the magnet in chipboard, thus it is unnoticeable from the outside
  • we recommend this packaging for truly special, premium-category products
  • the flanged designed of the box enhances the feel of exclusivity
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Product description

The magnetic rigid box consists of two pieces. It is made of one flanged cardboard box element and a surrounding 5-sided panel. The creases on the chipboard panels are created with a groove cutter machine, which results in nice edges. For the closure, we insert the magnet with a magnet setting machine so that it is invisible in the finished box. With these custom processes we can produce top-category packaging with beautiful edges and smooth sides.



This design is available in various sizes; however, sizes that are too large should be avoided because the box might lose some of its elegance.
During manufacturing we use a groove cutter machine to cut the creasing lines (grooves) for the cardboard sheets cut from binder's board. The magnet is inserted using a magnet setting machine, which we use for automatic fretting of the blind holes and the automatic separation and gluing of the magnets.

Panel outstretched size:
min: 205 x 140 mm
max: 670x390 mm

Box element size:
Width min: 83 mm max: 600 mm
Depth min: 32 mm max: 400 mm
Height: min: 12 mm max: 210 mm

Raw material::

The flanged inner box part is made from cardboard. The laminated magnetic lateral surface can be easily fitted to the box element. The lateral surface in the case of smaller boxes is 1-1.5 mm thick and is made from binder's board or Eska mono raw material, with one side already laminated during manufacturing with white paper.
For larger sizes and heavier objects a 2-3 mm board is recommended.



If the raw material of the coating is coated paper, we can provide protection for the printed surfaces with foil. The foil that has a structured surface and is soft to the touch gives the box a special appearance.
We can enhance the premium appearance by using cold foil or stamping. In the case of creative coating papers, we recommend stamping or shape lacquering, because in this case the raw material is not suitable for offset printing due to its color or surface.

Our recommendations for using the flip top flanged rigid box:

  • if you want custom packaging that draws attention
  • if you want a box with magnetic closure, and it is important to keep the magnet invisible
  • if you want a special shape that is different from the traditional
  • if you seek durable packaging that protects the product from damages
  • if you have a premium-category product and you want to complement it with the packaging

Advantages of the flip top flanged rigid box compared to traditional packaging:

  • much more durable, both in appearance and material
  • it has a magnetic closure, which enhances the feel of premium quality
  • the nice and smooth exterior surfaces feel fine to the touch
  • the groove cutter creates nice arches on the edges of the box
  • it is one of the most elegant types of packaging