Flip-top box

  • unique form factor, which grabs the attention
  • we can manufacture it from 21mm spine
  • unique inserts can be created for the products
  • it is suitable for the packing of various goods due to its variable size
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Product description

The product shares many similarities to the Clamshell box, besides its fashionable and professional look, it can protect the product perfectly from damages. On one side of the box there is a possibility to create an insert for the protection and outline of the products. The top-closing box is ideal for the packaging of gifts and exclusive products.



The difference from the Clamshell box that is made from one piece is that the top-closing gift box consists of three parts. We glue a three and four sided tray on the three sided board. This allows the creation of an insert system in the four sided box (this is not possible in the clamshell box). We can produce the spine that connects the trays from 21 mm thickness.


Base material:

The base material is book binding board, its thickness is selected according to its size. We recommend 1-1,5 mm material for smaller boxes and 2-3 mm thickness for larger ones. For mounting we can use regular coated paper, or more elegant materials made especially for this purpose.



We recommend laminating foil for the coated paper to protect the printed surface. By using gloss, matt or soft-touch foils the appearance of the box can be made more special. Using hot foil stamping we can create an exclusive look on the surface even in case of creative papers. We can also use mounting on the inside of the box with printed materials, which will harmonize with the outer surfaces.

Our recommendations for using the flip-top box:

  • if you want the kind of custom packaging that draws the attention
  • if it is important for the packaging to close securely, to protect the product
  • if you are looking for a design that is easy to use
  • if you are looking for packaging with a lower thickness
  • if you are looking for durable, high-quality packaging

What are the advantages of flip-top box compared to traditional packaging?

  • custom shape that catches the eye
  • strong closure that protects the product from damage
  • it is possible to create custom inserts on one side
  • more durable, both in appearance and material
  • perfect solution for packaging a wide variety of premium-category products